Non-smoked Idiazabal Cheese - wedge Bertiz

Cheese from Spain

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Product Overview


Aged cheese made from raw milk from Latxa sheep from the producer's own flock.
Intense flavor and pleasant aftertaste. Rustic aroma and surprisingly fruity flavor.
Natural Bertiz mold rind, giving the cheese a creamy texture and characteristic flavor. The cheese is washed and vacuum-packed for correct preservation.

  • Wedge about 0.7 lb
  • Ingredients: Raw Latxa sheep’s milk, rennet, lysozyme (egg derivative) and salt.
  • Free from gluten and preservatives.
  • Compact, hard and oily texture
  • D.O. Idiazabal Bertizarana
  • Product of Spain

Tips for consumption and storage.

  • Store at a temperature below 10 ºC.
  • To fully enjoy the qualities of aroma, texture and flavor, leave a wedge of cheese at room temperature for the time it takes to reach a temperature of around 21º C.
  • With jam, honey, walnuts and quince jelly.

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