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Pardina Lentils - Lentejas Pardinas by El Maragato

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Product Overview

Pardina Lentils are the most prized of the varieties of lentils grown in Spain, lentils (pardinas) are tiny brown full-flavored lentils that retain their shape when cooked, distinct nutty flavor. Pardina lentils are the most tender lentils you'll get. They are smaller than regular lentils, and they retain their shape with a distinct nutty flavor.

Some people claim "a Kilo" of Pardina Lentils yields more than "a Kilo" of regular lentils. They are an unexpected treat to those who consider lentils an ordinary fare. 

  • Size 2.2 lb / 1 Kilo
  • Very tender
  • Small size
  • Soak for about 10-12 hours
  • For soups, stews and salads
  • Product of Spain