Pimientos del Piquillo Confitado - Piquillo Peppers Confit by Conservas Artesanas Rosara


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Product Overview

Piquillo peppers confit by Rosara.

Rosara grills the best Lodosa piquillo peppers underwood, peel them one by one by hand before they preserved in whole cane sugar and red wine. They have a sweet but intense peppery flavor and are ideal in snacks and tapas. With a sweet, velvety flavor, this pepper confit is the perfect ingredient in all types of hors d'oeuvres, snacks and desserts.

It goes well with any cheese, grilled, braised or baked meat and fish, foie gras, unique salads, and skewers. It is also delicious as a topping on cheesecake or curds. This product can use in any recipe that contrasts with its sweetness.

  • Size - Net Weight 4.4 oz (125g)
  • Perfect for Tapas & Paellas
  • Denomination of Origin Lodosa
  • Product of Spain